About Hans Molzberger

Hans Molzberger Molzberger, a self-taught artist, was born in 1953 in Höhr-Grenzhausen in Germany’s Rhineland region where his family has lived for many generations working in industrial ceramic factories. In 1982, as a result of mounting personal crises and a fervent need to reassess his life, Molzberger started a studio in Wendland, Germany and by 1991 mounted his first museum exhibition. Working mainly with assemblages and Raku ceramic objects, the artist recently turned to printmaking. He now creates woodcuts and large-scale silkscreens that contain political subject matter. Molzberger has worked in Israel, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia and lectured at several major universities. He currently divides his time between Germany and Houston where he is an Artist Affiliate at Houston Baptist University. He is also director of an artist residency program in Hilmsen, Germany, that began in 1996.

Hans Molzberger

Pleasure Island, Solo exhibit at Nauhaus gallery, Houston, October 2010.
Never Let It Rest, Solo exhibit at Holocaust Museum Houston, April - October 2010.
Diary, Solo exhibit at UAC gallery, HBU, March -  April 2010.
Return, Solo exhibit at Museum of South East Texas, Beaumont, January - April 2010.
Broken Brushes, Curator of the exhibit, german expressionists out of the Kopriva
Collection at Gerlach Speicher, Salzwedel, May -  August 2010.
Amistad II, group exhibit at Museum Arequipa, Peru, September 2009.
Hearts and Souls, group exhibit at Sazkirche, Tangermuende, July - October 2009.
A German Sight, solo exhibit at GGallery, Houston, March 2009.
Walking on Ashes, collaboration with Michael Collins at Remembrance Day, Houston Baptist University, January 27, 2009.
Texas Twang, group exhibit, Shift studio, Seattle, January 2009.
Walking on Ashes, collaboration work in the exhibit of Michael Collins, Moenchskirche Salzwedel, July - September 2008
L'ésprit des animeaux, solo exhibit at Les Tanneries Gallery, Amilly, France, July - August 2008.
Speichern unter, art director of the european HANSEartWORKS project with 34 artists out of 32 european cities during the Hanse Convention, Salzwedel, Germany, September 2007 -  August 2008.
Curator of Joint Art Exhibition of American Artists during Hanse Convention, Salzwedel, Germany, May -  August 2008.
Hearts and Souls, Curator and Participation american-german art exhibition, Zerbst, Germany, January - February 2008.
Wissen um Dawid, Solo Exhibition at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Education, Magdeburg, Germany, November 2007 - January 2008.
Marfa Camp Show, Marfa camp, Texas, November 2007.
Kunstkisten, Group exhibition at the Hanse Convention Lippstadt, Germany, May - August 2007.
Clean Slate, Group Exhibition, GGallery, Houston, Texas, April 2007.
Kreativ Youth Project Art-Netzwek e.V., Germany, January 2006 - June 2006.
Wheeler bros´Studio Solo Exhibition Lubock, Texas, December 2005.
Solo Exhibition, Gallery 68, Austin, Texas, November 2005.
Solo Exhibition, Pauluskirche, Halle, Germany, June - October 2005.
Ich ist ein Anderer, Marktschlöschen, Leage of Fine Artists, Halle, Germany, May 2005.
Romeo und Julia 2001, Bürgerzentrum, Salzwedel, Germany, April - August 2005.
Romeo und Julia 2001, Filmpalast Salzwedel, January - March 2005.
Portraits, Gallery Klosterhof Rostock, Germany, September 2004.
Hommage Frank Zappa 1940-1993, Group Exhibition with German and American artists, Mönchskirche, Salzwedel, September 2004.
Gesichter, Neptun Gallery, Rostock, Germany, April 2004.
Frank Zappa, Redbud Gallery, Houston, Texas, June - July 2003.
Shalom, Design of the new Church Bell for Marienkirche, Salzwedel, Germany in Collaboration with Hartmut Rompel, May 2003.
Nebelleben, Group Exhibition Neues Kunsthaus Gallery, Ahrenshoop, Germany March - May 2002.
Einblicke, Kreishaus, Salzwedel, Youth Project Exhibition, March 2002 - April 2002.
Nebelleben, Group Exhibition Gallery Pankow, Berlin, Germany, June 2002.
Expressiv, Exhibition at Neues Kunsthaus Gallery, Ahrenshoop, December 2001 - January 2002.
Provokative Squats, Hansa Cultural Center, Salzwedel, Germany, July - September 2001.
Für Walter statt Blumen, Representive of the city of Salzwedel for the EXPO 2000 with a steel sculpture. 2000 - 2001.
Auf tönernen Füssen, Group Exhibition Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany May - July 1999
Katharina von Bora, invited submission for the monument, Wittenberg, Germany.
Solo Exhibition Künstlerhaus Hannover, Germany, Leagu of Fine Artists. November 1998 - Dezember 1998.
Lasst es ruhn!?, Exhibition about the NS Period in Salzwedel, Jenny-Marx-Museum, Salzwedel, Germany, November 1998 - September 2001.
Group Exhibition, League of Fine Artists, Schloss Fürstenberg, Germany, May - June 1998.
Körperhüllen, Group Exhibition, Kulturelle Landpartie Wendland, Kröte, Germany, July 1998.
Ich weiss, dass ich schnell sein werde, Solo Exhibition, Mönchskirche Salzwedel, Germany, Juni - September 1997.
Wissen um Dawid, Solo Exhibition, Mönchskirche, Salzwedel, Germany, Mai - September 1994.
Group Exhibition, Landesmuseum Schwerin, Germany, May - June 1993
Group Exhibition, Wunderpunkte Wendland, Germany, May - June 1993
Rückkehr, Group Exhibition Mönchskirche Salzwedel, Germany, August - September 1992.
Temeshwar, Katharinenkirche, Salzwedel, Germany,  since October 1991.
Raku-Trabant, Theatre Stendal, Germany, September 1991.
Riesenspielzeug, Solo Exhibition Jenny-Marx-Museum, Salzwedel, Germany, May - August 1991.
since 1991
doing art in France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, USA